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Our Philosophy

Founded in 1996, The Wizard Of Oz was created to express the diversity and couture lacking in modern day men's wear. Designed by a Singaporean who had migrated to London in the Swinging Sixties, the founder himself returned to this green beautiful island state and discovered that vast improvements to every aspect of life had taken place in his 30-year absence. Singapore was a shoppers' paradise, but it lacked the influence that fueled the pop-culture era that normalized the average joe dressed like Prince and Elton John. Distilled from decades of fashion experience, The Wizard of Oz reflects the essentials of the cosmopolitan and exciting city life, trampled by fast fashion.

Exclusively designed in house & made in factories from Italy, Spain and Portugal, every piece is second to none. From fine grade calf skin leather to exotic eel leather, The Wizard Of Oz shoes serves unorthodox fashion with an abundant of selection of styles to choose from. 

Our unprecedented variety and pristine quality makes for a perfect range of footwear from night time dinner parties to suiting up in a tailored dapper suit. We invite you to book a private fitting session with us or drop in at our store to find your perfect fit.


Contact Us

33 Ubi Ave 3 #03-34 Vertex, Singapore 408868

+65 6844 6274

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